What Qualifies As A Disability?

If you were badly injured or suffer from a serious condition that keeps you from returning to work, you may wonder if you qualify for the Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits you need. Unfortunately, though, the Social Security system is complicated, with many bureaucratic hoops to jump through.

However, knowing what to expect ― and having an experienced SSD attorney by your side ― can greatly improve your chances of qualifying for disability benefits.

Defining And Evaluating A Disability: The Five-Part Process

There are many classifications of disabilities: occupational, total, partial, temporary and permanent. However, it is important to remember that not every injury or medical condition is covered under Social Security.

For instance, in order to determine whether or not you qualify for SSD benefits, the Social Security Administration (SSA) typically uses a five-part decision-making process:

  • Employment status: You must be able to show that either you are not working or you are working and making less than a certain amount.
  • The severity of your medical condition: You must be able to document the fact that your disability will substantially limit your ability to work for over one year.
  • Listed on the impairment listing: Your condition must be included on the list of impairments the SSA considers a qualifying disability, or your condition is equally severe to a condition on that list.
  • Ability to work and work history: Your disability must prevent you from returning to your previous employment and resuming your former job duties.
  • Other available work: Your disability must prevent you from engaging in any other type of work that is suitable based upon your age, education, skills and work experience.

It is extremely important to choose a lawyer who understands the rules and regulations related to Social Security benefits, regardless of whether you are applying for SSD benefits or Supplemental Security Income. One of the most common mistakes in applying for Social Security is failing to obtain the necessary medical documentation of the disability and how it affects the ability to work. We know how to work with doctors and specialists to build a strong case for your benefits.

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