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How can I appeal a denied disability claim?

If your Social Security disability claim was denied in Mississippi, you’re probably considering your next steps. The fact is that many claims are denied and by filing an appeal you can hopefully secure the benefits you need when you’re unable to support yourself due to an injury or illness. The Social Security Administration explains your different options for filing an appeal.


Intersection cameras making roads less safe

Every little bit helps when it comes to driver safety. As technology improves, so does the sophisticated equipment we install along the roadways to encourage safe driving and punish those that shirk the rules of the road. In recent years, security cameras perched atop traffic lights have become something of a fixture. Supporters praise the cameras as a means to catch and ticket motorists who fail to stop.

Despite the simple logic of this, just the opposite seems to have occurred. Recent data shows that not only do these cameras not make intersections safer, they are actually creating more accidents in intersections.

An understaffed trucking industry only leads to accidents

The freight hauling industry has a long history and distinct legacy in American culture. The image of the lone truck driver and his big rig driving the desert flats as he makes his deliveries is woven into the fabric of the blue-collar way of life. This is an industry that has been hitting the skids in recent years, however.

According to The Star Tribune, America is facing one of the worst trucker shortages in history. Despite offering higher salaries and lower bars to entry than ever before, there are tens of thousands of trucking jobs that need to be filled. People in the industry are forced to pick up the slack by working longer hours and taking more deliveries.

Establishing a child's disability status

Some Mississippi disability cases are relatively straightforward, but even these often require a substantial amount of paperwork. Individuals who pursue benefits on behalf of a disabled child tend to face a higher amount of complexity. However, it is often possible for one to complete these applications relatively efficiently when armed with adequate knowledge of the SSDI system.

The first step is often determining whether a case falls within the normal scope of social security benefits applicants. If it does not, then that does not necessarily mean the child in question would be ineligible to receive government assistance. 

What is a stress injury?

When you think about on-the-job injuries, you most likely think of traumatic or catastrophic injuries where someone is severely hurt. However, not all injuries that occur in the workplace happen in an instant. In fact, there are often many workers' compensation claims made for something called a stress injury, which Nemours defines as injuries that occur to repetitive stress or strain placed upon a part of the body.

Common stress injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome, which is caused by stress to a nerve. However, such injuries can occur anywhere in the body, including the shoulders, legs and back. These injures tend to be chronic, lasting over time. They may go through cycles where you are affected and then not affected. The seriousness of symptoms may get worse over time as well. You may hear them referred to repetitive stress injuries.

Job-related fatigue and auto crashes

We have written about some of the different reasons car crashes continue to occur, such as texting behind the wheel and driving around on old tires. There are many other risk factors associated with motor vehicle collisions to keep in mind, such as working excessive hours, driving to work early in the morning or working a graveyard shift for the first time. Moreover, this fatigue can be incredibly dangerous when someone gets behind the wheel and drowsy driving has resulted in many lost lives and devastating injuries.

After a long day of hard work or a new shift that someone is not used to, a worker may become very tired. This fatigue can prevent them from driving safely and may lead to mistakes behind the wheel or a slow reaction time. In some cases, a driver may be unable to keep their eyes open and doze off, which is extremely dangerous. People may suffer from fatigue due to their job for other reasons also. For example, someone may be very stressed out about a presentation they have to give or a certain project, causing them to lose sleep.

Mississippi: The most dangerous state?

People in Mississippi may face a particularly high number of safety dangers. That is what a recent report suggests.

This WalletHub report compared the 50 states on safety. In this analysis, 48 different safety factors were reviewed. Unfortunately, Mississippi ended up being ranked dead last for overall safety in the report.

What happens if my disability claim is denied?

If a medical condition or physical injury keeps you from working, you may know you have the right to seek benefits through one of the Social Security Administration's disability programs. Mississippi readers understand effectively navigating the application process and securing the benefits you need is a complex process, and many first-time claims come back denied.

Learning your claim came back denied is a disheartening and frustrating step back, but it is not the end of the road for you. You have the right to seek a reconsideration of your claim and continue your pursuit of the benefits you need. It can be beneficial for you to understand how the reconsideration process works and how you can prepare for it.

Fatal car accidents are extremely common in Mississippi

If you live in Mississippi, you may know that the state is one of highest-ranked in the United States for fatal car accidents. In fact, recent statistics have designated the state to be the deadliest in terms of fatal crashes. In the state, there was an average of 23.1 deaths for every 100,000 people in 2016.

There are various reasons why the state ranks so high for fatal car accidents, but as you may know, many car accidents are completely preventable. Most accidents are the result of negligence or reckless behavior behind the wheel, and poor driving decisions can leave families grieving the wrongful death of a loved one.

Wrong-site surgery and appropriate compensation for victims

When a Mississippi reader submits to the care of a doctor, it is with the expectation that he or she will provide quality care and support. This is particularly true when undergoing surgery. While most doctors and hospital staff take great care to eliminate mistakes, serious issues, such as wrong-site surgery, still happen.

It is incredibly frightening to learn that you underwent a surgical procedure meant for another person or on the wrong part of your body. Despite the precautions, safety measures and other procedures in place, wrong-site surgery still happens. As you can imagine, it is one of the most serious types of medical errors.

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