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How can I cope with chronic pain?

If you’ve suffered from a work accident in Mississippi, you may experience chronic pain as a result of your injury. Not only can this be physically debilitating, it can also have an emotional effect as well. To help people cope with chronic pain, Very Well Health offers the following advice.

Work on relaxation

What should I do if involved in a hit and run?

If you’re the victim of a hit and run in Mississippi, the steps you take following the accident are crucial. Your actions may increase the chance that the driver is apprehended, while also ensuring that any damage to your vehicle or bodily injury is properly compensated. To help drivers make the right decision, State Farm offers the following advice.

While you may be tempted to go after the fleeing driver, this is not recommended. You could put yourself or others in danger by driving at a high rate of speed. You could also get in trouble with the law for leaving the scene of an accident. Unless you’re getting emergency medical help, it’s illegal to leave the scene of an accident before law enforcement arrives.

When manganese goes from healthy to hazardous

Your body requires a certain amount of minerals found in nature in order to work properly. Manganese is one of them. When in appropriate amounts, it is in your liver, kidneys, brain, blood and bones, among other places. It helps with many of your body's metabolic processes.

However, when ingested or inhaled in large quantities, the effects of this mineral can quickly jeopardize your health. Manganism, referred to as the "welder's disease," often appears in welders due to the fumes created during their work. Other sources of this condition come from working closely with some pesticides and gasoline.

Can you share liability in your Mississippi car accident case?

It is not uncommon for two parties of a Mississippi car accident to be at fault for the incident. For instance, you may be driving along with your music blaring and going slightly over the speed limit. There is traffic stopped ahead of you and a vehicle tailing behind you. Suddenly, you see an ambulance approaching. You do not hear it because you have your volume revved all the way up. You slam on your breaks to get over and to avoid hitting the vehicle that is now directly in front of you. The vehicle behind you rams into you. The other driver may assume most of the fault, but had you not been speeding, and had your music been at a safe volume, you could have prevented the whole incident from occurring in the first place.

In some states, if you share fault for an accident, the court bars you from recovering compensation. These states abide by a contributory negligence standard. Mississippi, however, abides by a pure comparative negligence standard.

Is cold stress really a threat to Mississippi workers?

Even in a southern state like Mississippi, the winter months can bring frigid weather and temperatures that can be dangerously low for the men and women who work outdoors. It is important for employers to recognize the dangers that cold weather can bring and the potential threat to a person's health. Cold stress is a real issue, and it is important for outdoor workers to know how to stay safe when it is extremely cold.

Cold stress is a term used to describe what can happen when a person works out in the cold for an extended period of time. The effects of this condition can range from the uncomfortable to the dangerous, and in some cases, a worker's health may be in serious jeopardy. If your job requires you to be outside, it is smart to know how to protect yourself and what to do if your job causes you physical harm.

How can workplace fires be prevented?

A fire at your place of work can have devastating consequences, including serious injuries that may prevent you from working for sometime. That’s why it’s important for employers to take the proper steps to ensure fires don’t occur, as well as making certain the proper safety equipment is accessible if one does. EHS Today offers the following tips in this case, which can help keep workplaces safe from fires.

Handle flammable materials with care

A rotator cuff injury can sideline you for weeks, if not months

Whether it started out as an ache, an inconvenient but painful twinge or an accident, rotator cuff injuries can keep you from work and from participating in activities you enjoy. In fact, after suffering such an injury, you may never again take for granted the fact that you can lift your arm over your head. A task as simple as washing your hair or waving to someone could elude you for quite some time.

The pain associated with such an injury does not have to be intense to indicate a severe injury. However, in many cases, the pain can be excruciating. Any attempt to lift your arm may bring you to tears, and it could go on for weeks or months. In other cases, you may feel no pain and not understand why you have trouble lifting your arm or holding objects.

Can defensive driving prevent accidents?

As a motorist in Mississippi, it’s up to you to preserve the safety of yourself, your passengers, and other drivers. Employing defensive driving behaviors are crucial in this case. While you can’t always avoid an accident, especially when others drive carelessly, you can greatly mitigate the chance of a serious collision. Esurance offers the following tips on defensive driving habits.

Steer clear of aggressive drivers

Are there more drunk drivers during the holidays?

It is not just your imagination. Mississippi roads are more dangerous for you and your family during the holidays. This is partly due to the increased amount of alcohol-related crashes. 

If you have ever had a fender bender or a more serious accident, you know that it only takes a moment for your life to change forever. The decreased reflexes and impaired judgment of inebriated drivers make the already dangerous roadway even more perilous.

Is it becoming more dangerous to walk through a parking lot?

Did you know that it can be a hazard to your health simply to walk to and from your vehicle in a parking lot? As Mississippi readers know, distracted driving is exceptionally prevalent, not only on the roads and interstates, but in parking lots as well. A distracted driver is a dangerous driver, no matter where he or she is.

According to the National Safety Council, around 50,000 accidents happen in parking lots every year. This is a high number, but it is likely the real number is actually higher. Many accidents in parking lots go unreported, so it is difficult to estimate the number. Even at low rates of speeds, a car striking a person walking through a parking lot can cause significant damage.

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