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How can a brain injury change your life?

Mississippi residents who get involved in car crashes can find themselves facing a number of potential injuries. Brain injuries are often among the most common, and they can also be some of the most disruptive to your quality of living.

The most severe of these injuries are traumatic brain injuries (TBI). As the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC) explains, TBIs are brain injuries caused by an outside force resulting in moderate to severe damage. Traumatic injuries to the head often result in skull fractures, brain bleeding, and can lead to seizures or issues with mental clarity. Your nervous system may also be impacted, leading to potential paralysis or trouble with sensation, light, and other senses.

The many risks of working road construction

Your work experience is very different from the jobs of other people you know. You may have friends who can sit in their offices and watch the traffic go zipping by from the comfort of their desk chairs. Perhaps you know someone whose job requires him or her to be out in the traffic each day, driving a route or traveling between worksites.

You are not so fortunate. Doing your job means standing for hours in the middle of the rush, sometimes at night, sometimes in the pouring rain, but always in harm's way. If you work road construction in Mississippi, you have likely had your share of near misses and even injuries. In fact, those in your profession suffer twice as many injuries as those in every other industry.

How can I be a safer driver this summer?

If you’re like most other motorists in Mississippi, you’re probably thinking about taking a road trip this summer. If so, you want to ensure that you’re responsible when on the road, which preserves the safety of yourself and others. Nationwide explains what you can do to be a safer driver.

Plan ahead

How can I learn to live with a disability?

While getting approved for Social Security disability can be difficult on its own, you’ll also need to cope with limitations put on your life by your medical condition. This can be one of the most challenging aspects of being disabled, especially when it comes to maintaining a positive mood and point-of-view. While every person will have a different experience, HelpGuide.org offers a few tips to help you cope.

Focus on good health

Can technology make Mississippi roads safer?

Distracted driving continues to be a serious safety threat for drivers in Mississippi and throughout the United States. Lawmakers and authorities have tried to implement laws to penalize people for texting while driving, and there have been numerous safety awareness campaigns regarding the danger of distracted driving. Despite these things, people choose to use their phones and engage in risky behavior while behind the wheel.

Many people do not understand how dangerous distracted driving is, or they believe they are capable of multitasking. It is possible that the key to effectively fighting distracted driving actually lies in technology. You may think it is counterintuitive to fight a technology-related issue with more tech, but cars and phones can now come with improvements that may actually make the roads safer for everyone.

Hands-free devices provide a false sense of security

Do you know anyone who hasn't heard that using a cell phone while driving is dangerous? Probably not. For this reason, you take steps to make sure that you eliminate distractions such as looking at or holding your phone.

You decided that your best move is using a hands free device. The problem is that might not be much safer. You will still end up distracted by your conversation, and that could have ramifications.

What types of burns can you sustain in a car accident?

As a Mississippi driver, no one need tell you that car accidents occur far too frequently. If you find yourself the victim of a fiery car crash, you could not only sustain catastrophic injuries, but you could also have lasting scars once the burns themselves finally heal.

It may surprise you to learn that, as the American Burn Association points out, you can receive the following four types of burns in a car crash:

  1. Thermal burns you receive when one or more parts of your body come into contact with the fire’s flames or with one of your vehicle’s exceedingly hot surfaces
  2. Scald burns you receive when one or more parts of your body come into contact with one of your vehicle’s hot liquids, such as gasoline
  3. Electrical burns you receive when one or more parts of your body come into contact with one of your vehicle’s electrical wires or with a downed power line
  4. Chemical burns you receive when one or more parts of your body come into contact with one of your vehicle’s caustic and/or corrosive fluids, such as antifreeze, steering fluid, etc.

Advocating for your child after he or she suffers a birth injury

When a baby is born to a Mississippi family, it is a joyous time of celebration. However, bad news about the health of your child can quickly overshadow the excitement you have about your newest family member. Learning about your child suffering from a birth injury can be devastating and overwhelming for a family.

In many situations, birth injuries are the result of the negligence or reckless behaviors of a doctor, nurse or other health care professional. If you believe your child is the victim of a preventable birth injury, you could have grounds to take legal action. This is unfortunate news, but you may be able to fight for financial compensation that can help you address your child's medical needs.

Will you need rehabilitation before you return to work?

As you continue to recover from the injury you sustained at your job in Mississippi, you are starting to look into your options for returning to work. While you are aware that it will take some time before you are able to return to the tasks you were previously assigned, you are anxious to get back to your responsibilities as soon as possible. Depending on the nature of your injury, this process could require you to undergo rehabilitation. 

After your accident, it is imperative that you stay in contact with your employer about the next steps of your recovery. As you receive information from your health care provider, pass along critical details to your employer. Usually, your superiors will provide you with the requirements you will need to have met before you are cleared to return to work. In the meantime, you may be assigned modified tasks or be allowed to telecommute. 

How can I cope with chronic pain?

If you’ve suffered from a work accident in Mississippi, you may experience chronic pain as a result of your injury. Not only can this be physically debilitating, it can also have an emotional effect as well. To help people cope with chronic pain, Very Well Health offers the following advice.

Work on relaxation

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