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When were speed limits first enacted?

In the beginning, hardly anyone could afford to own a car. If they were lucky enough to have one, there was not much traffic on Mississippi roads besides horses and carriages. In addition, nobody was moving that fast because they could not. Vehicles at that time were very limited. However, as time went on, technology improved and more people hit the roads in motorized vehicles, there was a need for speed limits.

According to the American Safety Council, the first speed limit for motorized vehicles was enacted in 1901 in Connecticut. At that time the fastest you could drive was 15 miles per hour. New York enacted laws in 1903, but the rest of the country did not really become too focused on speed until the 1970s.

When does workers’ comp run out?

Whether you have suffered a minor or severe injury at work, you’re probably wondering how long workers’ compensation benefits can last.

The answer to this question varies depending on your injury, but there are legal limitations and guidelines that can help you get an idea of what to expect from your claim.

Is my employer required to have workers' compensation?

Knowing that you have the security of workers' compensation if you are ever injured on the job in Mississippi gives you a peace of mind. However, it is important to make sure that your employer carries workers' compensation coverage. Be aware that not every employer is required to do so. Having this information will prevent you from getting a nasty surprise should you ever need this coverage.

According to the Workers' Compensation Commission, only employers with five or more employees are required by law to carry workers' compensation insurance. In addition, if you work on a farm or work for a non-profit, then your employer also is exempt. Domestic workers, such as housekeepers, are also not usually covered as their employers are not required to have coverage either.

Injured at your construction job? Common ailments and coverage

Construction workers act as essential members in maintaining buildings and roadways, which designate the very make-up of the United States. Construction jobs may involve the potential for extreme injury to workers, and construction companies must provide benefits through workers’ compensation insurance to aid in medical costs associated with work-related injuries.

Common injuries to construction workers involve both short recovery times and life-altering conditions. If you suffer from any type of injury while you worked within the scope of your employment, you may have the right to have all of your associated expenses paid for by your employer. If you wish to bring a claim, you may want to hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to help you determine your course of action and aid you in preparing all necessary documents. No one has to face injury alone, and Mississippi construction workers have the right to monetary benefits.

What are some reasons SSDI is denied?

If you have a health issue or an injury that prevents you from working in Mississippi, you may want to apply for Social Security Disability. The Social Security Administration has strict rules on who qualifies for these benefits. They are not as easy to get as other benefits from the SSA because of the nature of them where the SSA has to decide if you are truly disabled. However, there are a few reasons why your request for SSDI may be denied.

The Motley Fool explains that a common reason for SSDI denial is not providing the right documents. You must give the SSA everything it requests to substantiate your application. If you fail to do that, they will deny your benefits. Another common reason is that you make too much money. With any SS benefits, you cannot make over a certain amount of income or you will be denied. You also need to have a certain amount of work credits to qualify. If you do not have enough time spent working, then you cannot get them.

Mississippi ranks high in work injuries and low in compensation

Mississippi is a state that provides workers with many opportunities to make a living and support their families. A lot of these careers involve transportation and physical work, which often results in many work-related injuries that require compensation to help with the employee’s recovery.

Recent studies show that the work injury rate in Mississippi is unnaturally high in comparison to the rest of the country. With such a high rate, there have also been many stories where some workers do not get properly paid after an injury. It is important to know these facts if you or a loved one receives an injury on the job in this state.

Understanding the dangers of ignoring the speed limit

Every day, thousands of people commute on the busy roads in Mississippi and many of these people are in an exceptional hurry. In fact, speeding is a much more prevalent problem than many people realize and one that can put everyone around the reckless driver, at a high risk of injury or death. While ignoring the speed limit may not seem like a big deal to some, it is imperative that everyone understand the dangers of speeding in an effort to encourage everyone to be more responsible. 

According to Forbes Magazine, a survey found that in a 10-year period, car accidents where speed was a contributing factor, killed nearly as many people as drunk driving accidents. While many people openly acknowledge the dangers of speeding and are aware of its consequences, they also agree that it is a problem that is prevalent all over the United States. Another study reported finding that roughly 10,000 people are killed each year in car accidents caused by excessive speed. 

How can I appeal a denied disability claim?

If your Social Security disability claim was denied in Mississippi, you’re probably considering your next steps. The fact is that many claims are denied and by filing an appeal you can hopefully secure the benefits you need when you’re unable to support yourself due to an injury or illness. The Social Security Administration explains your different options for filing an appeal.


Intersection cameras making roads less safe

Every little bit helps when it comes to driver safety. As technology improves, so does the sophisticated equipment we install along the roadways to encourage safe driving and punish those that shirk the rules of the road. In recent years, security cameras perched atop traffic lights have become something of a fixture. Supporters praise the cameras as a means to catch and ticket motorists who fail to stop.

Despite the simple logic of this, just the opposite seems to have occurred. Recent data shows that not only do these cameras not make intersections safer, they are actually creating more accidents in intersections.

An understaffed trucking industry only leads to accidents

The freight hauling industry has a long history and distinct legacy in American culture. The image of the lone truck driver and his big rig driving the desert flats as he makes his deliveries is woven into the fabric of the blue-collar way of life. This is an industry that has been hitting the skids in recent years, however.

According to The Star Tribune, America is facing one of the worst trucker shortages in history. Despite offering higher salaries and lower bars to entry than ever before, there are tens of thousands of trucking jobs that need to be filled. People in the industry are forced to pick up the slack by working longer hours and taking more deliveries.

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