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Settlement reached after worker suffers TBI in Mississippi explosion

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2012 | Workers' Compensation

Whether a yearly salary is $20,000 or $200,000, families rely on the income that each parent brings into the home, especially during this economy. So when one of the income-earners becomes injured and unable to return to work temporarily or even permanently in some cases, it changes their lives exponentially.

Workers’ compensation is a type benefit that helps individuals and their families supplement what was lost. This can include medical benefits, disability benefits or even permanent disability benefits and a final settlement for serious injuries. A workplace injury settlement was recently reached after an explosion at a paper mill in Mississippi left one worker completely disabled for 2 years.

The explosion occurred in 2008. A 12-story recovery boiler at the mill was shut down in order to perform maintenance on the boiler, but when it was restarted, something went wrong. An explosion occurred on May 3, killing one worker and injuring approximately two dozen others, including the man mentioned above.

The lawsuit filed by the injured man was one of 11. In this case, the individual suffered a traumatic brain injury that left him under complete disability for 2 years. Not only was he prevented from earning for his family during that time, but at the end of it he was left with permanent damage to the part of his brain that controls cognitive and reasoning power. He also continues to suffer nightmares and flashbacks of the event itself.

Workers’ compensation cases involve detailed descriptions of the accidents and the injuries involved in order to come to a damage determination, but the settlement often means so much more for a family.

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