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How to drive safely during the holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2012 | Injuries

While Old Man Winter pummels the Midwest, we find it fitting to remind our readers of how dangerous road travel can be during the holidays. The forecast for our region calls for heavy rain and the possibility of ice, which can become challenging compared to normal road conditions. With many of our readers driving to see relatives this week, our post this week will center on helpful safe driving tips.

Slow down – This may seem obvious, but considering that most accidents are caused (in part) by excessive speed, drivers should reduce their speed if road conditions become difficult to navigate. Slowing down can also give drivers that extra split second needed time to avoid hazards.

Put the phone down! – We added an exclamation point here because drivers should know that winter driving season is ripe for accidents. Drivers who received new smartphones for Christmas should resist the urge as well.

Pay attention to weather reports – As we stated before, our region calls for rainy weather, but drivers should pay attention to weather reports and plan their travel plans around them. Why? Avoiding bad weather is one of the easiest ways to stay out of an accident.

We wish all of our readers the best during this holiday season. As this will be the final post of 2012, we also want to take time to thank all of our clients for such great experiences this year. We take pride in protecting your legal rights and helping you move past adversity.

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