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Child injured by errant shot from hunter

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2013 | Injuries

Tragedy was averted when a child riding a school bus was only grazed by a passing bullet. The Memphis Commercial Appeal reported that a child riding in a Panola County School bus with other students was hit in the back. The bullet reportedly went through a side window and struck the student. He was taken to a local hospital and treated. He is expected to have a full recovery.

Investigators believe that the shot was fired by a nearby hunter. Preliminary reports suggest that it was not intentional. Authorities are still investigating the situation, and the hunter has reportedly been cooperative.

No information has been provided regarding where the hunter was when he fired the shot, or what he was doing. It is unknown whether he is facing criminal charges, but investigators are likely to ask about whether he was loading the weapon (or knew it was loaded) at the time, where he was pointing it and whether he had any history of shooting accidents.

The information would also be helpful to the child’s parents if they sought civil damages as a result of his injuries. Essentially, the hunter owes a legal duty to others to act responsibly when discharging his weapon. The shot fired at the school bus would be considered a breach of that duty, and he could be held liable for the injuries that come about as a result of his negligence.

The child’s parents could seek compensation for the child’s medical expenses, his pain and suffering, as well as any rehabilitative costs stemming from the accident.

Source:, Investigators believe a hunter may have inadvertently fired the shot that hit a school bus in Mississippi, January 29, 2013


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