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Faster highways may come to Mississippi

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2013 | Injuries

We have dedicated a number of our posts to auto accidents. In a majority of our stories, two factors are dominant: excessive speed and inclement weather. Because of this, we have reminded our readers across Western Tennessee and Northern Mississippi that when weather conditions deteriorate, it is best to slow down.

We find these factors important after the Mississippi House of Representatives voted to increase maximum speed limits to 75 mph on interstate highways. The measure passed on a 115-5 vote, and was sent to that Senate for consideration. Should the bill become law, it would give the state’s highway commissioners the power to raise speed limits.

Should they do so, the decisions would affect speeds on I-55, I-20, I-10, as well as other state highways. Essentially, the commissioners would assign engineers to conduct safety studies to evaluate the dangers that could arise from higher speed limits.

Several states have raised their speed limits since 1995, when Congress passed the National Highway Designation Act, which gave states the power to set their own speed limits. Should Mississippi raise its speed limits, it would create a faster corridor that includes Texas and Louisiana.

It is also expected that Alabama will review its speed limits and raise them as well. Tennessee, on the other hand, is not expected to raise its limits from 70 mph.

Even with newer cars designed to withstand crashes at higher speeds, it is still important for drivers to understand their responsibilities to drive prudently, as well as the consequences for not using good judgment.

Source: Commercial, Mississippi House approves bill boosting speed to 75 mph on highways, February 5, 2013


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