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Nursing home neglect leads to big fines for many care centers

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2013 | Nursing Home Neglect

As the lifespan of Corinth residents has grown longer, there has become a need for more care centers dedicated to caring for the elderly. However, as more of these homes are established, the rate of nursing home abuse has increased, with allegations of neglect, assault and inept staff that often do not have the training or experience to properly care for residents. Nursing home neglect is a serious issue in our society today and it is important for people to be aware of it and take an active part in the care of elderly family members.

While nursing homes are often associated with older people, even younger patients are sometimes placed in a privately run institution when they require special care that they cannot receive at home. However, these places are increasingly being hit with fines due to neglect, assault, lack of proper medical care, medication error or a number of other issues.

One state reported that a care center was given a large fine for its lack of security, which allowed a patient to escape; the staff was aware of the patient’s problem with wandering after he was placed there by his parents. Another facility has had to change its reporting policy after an assault incident was not reported until several days after the fact. The facility reported the assault and was given a hefty fine.

Every person is entitled to be treated with care and respect, regardless of their age, mental condition or physical issues. When someone suffers a personal injury because of the actions of their caregivers, family members may want to consider speaking to an attorney and taking civil action.

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