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Iuka crash sends 4 people to hospital; police still investigating

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2013 | Car Accidents

Every year thousands of people are injured or killed in car accidents. For the victims of these accidents, the road to recovery can be a rough one, especially if they have suffered a debilitating brain injury or permanent disability. In order to avoid becoming a negligent driver, it is important to make sure that all possible distractions are eliminated and that one’s attention is put entirely on the road. When someone fails to do so, a car accident is likely to occur.

A head-on collision in Iuka resulted in injuries that sent four people to the hospital. The collision occurred when a 42-year-old woman hit an SUV carrying at least two adults and two children. The driver of the SUV, the passenger, and one of the children were taken to a local hospital; the youngest child was unhurt.

The woman was also taken to a hospital and her condition was listed as critical. It is likely that she suffered burns because the impact caused her car to catch on fire. It is unknown what caused the accident and the Mississippi Highway Patrol were said to still be conducting an investigation.

If it is determined that the woman was at fault for the accident, she could be held accountable for the medical expenses incurred by the victims. The injuries to the child were deemed serious and it could take several months and medical procedures for the child to recover. In addition, the driver and passenger may be able to take legal action against the woman to obtain compensation for the damages the woman’s actions caused.

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