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Doctor injured several patients state medical board says

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2013 | Injuries

With so much attention being placed on organ donation, it is not uncommon for people to decide to share one of their kidneys with someone else. It is likely that more than one person in Corinth has undergone surgery in order to help another. The last thing they expect, however, is to be the victim of surgical errors. When mistakes are made in the operating room, patients can suffer long-lasting effects such as pain, a worsened condition or new health issues that require additional medical treatment.

At least three out of 11 surgical cases a surgeon allegedly botched between the years 2008 and 2010 included situations where the patient’s aorta was injured by a surgical robot operated by the surgeon. An 86-year-old man died from complications associated with the surgery. As a result of these errors, the surgeon is facing unprofessional conduct charges, filed by the state’s medical board.

One of those victims has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the surgeon, but more could follow, given the action taken by the state. It was also revealed that the hospital that contracts with the surgeon reported the cases after suspending him from performing surgeries in 2010. That suspension lasted three months.

For the victims of this allegedly negligent surgeon, seeking compensation can help pay the unexpected expenses associated with the error(s) made, as well as replace lost income, pain and suffering and other hardships experienced by the patient. A legal professional, experienced in handling medical errors, may be able to help victims understand what their rights are and the actions they can take to hold the surgeon or other medical professionals responsible.

Source: The Denver Post, “Colorado charges doctor in problem-plagued robo-surgeries at Porter” Michael Booth, April 10, 2013


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