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Mississippi lawmaker wants interlock devices for drunk drivers

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2013 | Car Accidents

Accidents involving a drunk driver are often fatal and it is not surprising to discover that the driver has a history of such behavior. Even though public campaigns work to educate the public about the damages done to victims and their families, people in Corinth still continue to read stories about a car accident happening that involved alcohol use. Often these accidents are caused by drivers with a history of DUI and it seems that even the suspension of licenses and jail time do not act as effective deterrents.

After losing three of his family members in a drunk driving accident, Mississippi Representative, Phillip Gunn, is working to convince the legislature to create a law that requires people with a DUI conviction to use an interlocking device on their vehicle. Under current law, Mississippi judges can order someone to do this, but Gunn wants to make the order a mandatory one.

Laws requiring the use of the device are already in effect in 40 states. The device works as a breathalyzer; if a person’s breath contains evidence of alcohol, the device locks the ignition so that the car cannot be started. The passing of such a law would prevent DUI offenders from driving on the roads, lowering the risk of someone being hit by them.

People who suffer serious injury in a drunk-driving accident often face a difficult future as they may have to go through months of therapy in order to resume their former lives. Medical bills can quickly add up, leading many down the road of financial ruin and bankruptcy. If someone has been injured because of a drunk driver, they may want to consider legal options that can enable them to obtain compensation.

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