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Fatal drunk driving accident in Natchez leaves one driver dead

On Behalf of | May 2, 2013 | Wrongful Death

There are often many unanswered questions, after a fatal car crash occurs, for the family of the victim, especially when drunk driving is suspected. These questions often center on why the driver, who caused the accident, decided to get behind the wheel after drinking. When afatal accident happens, the impact can be devastating on the victim’s family and friends. There are the unexpected expenses associated with emergency medical care, funeral costs, and burial bills and this can leave family members in a difficult situation.

A fatal accident involving two pickup trucks in Natchez has left one man dead and another man charged with drinking under the influence causing death. When the Mississippi Highway Patrol arrived, they found a truck lying upside down in a ditch with a 91-year-old man inside. That victim died as he was being flown to a nearby hospital.

Apparently, the other driver, a 34-year-old, hit the back of the victim’s pickup as he was driving on U.S. 84 according to law enforcement. Inside the truck with him was a 29-year-old who was injured but the injuries were deemed to be minor. The driver was unhurt.

Likely, the family of the deceased victim is in shock over the sudden death and will be trying to deal with their pain and suffering as they prepare to bury their loved one. When someone has caused the death of another, the family of the victim can pursue the person at fault in a civil court with the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit. Such legal action can provide the family with a monetary compensation amount that helps cover the costs accumulated from the accident.

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