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Nursing home negligence lawsuit claims patient’s pleas ignored

On Behalf of | May 23, 2013 | Nursing Home Neglect

The main purpose of a nursing home is to provide the care that an elderly and disabled person is unable to do for themselves. Patients and their families are entitled to a reasonable standard of care and when a nursing home fails to address a patient’s report of abuse or to provide the protection that a patient needs, then that patient and/or their family can hold the nursing home accountable in a court of law.

A lawsuit is accusing a nursing home of providing improper care by ignoring the pleas of a 60-year-old woman who was sexually assaulted by a security guard. Apparently, the guard convinced the older woman, who suffers with a number of health issues including dementia and epilepsy, to provide him with sexual favors in trade for money and cigarettes. That guard recently received a prison sentence of seven years as part of a plea bargain; he pled guilty to the crime. 

Allegedly, the nursing home knew about the sexual abuse of the patient, but failed to provide the protection and help she needed, the lawsuit claims. It is unknown how the nursing home became aware of the abuse.

The conviction of the security guard may provide additional strength to the woman’s claims that the staff knew about the nursing home abuse. When abuse occurs, patients can be greatly traumatized, resulting in the need for treatment by a mental health professional and they may struggle with the abuse for a long time. When someone is the victim of neglect or abuse at a nursing home, they may find it helpful to speak with an experienced attorney. 

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