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Husband sues doctor and hospital over wife’s fatal infection

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2013 | Medical Malpractice

Tubal ligation is a procedure many women in Mississippi undergo each year. Otherwise known as getting one’s “tubes tied,” the procedure goes just fine for the vast majority of patients. In other words, people might expect the surgery to be routine.

Still, there is the risk of doctor negligence before, during and after any medical procedure, and unfortunately patients end up paying the price. With that in mind, readers in North Mississippi may be interested in a tragic medical malpractice case unfolding in another state.

A man is suing a doctor and a Texas hospital over the death of the man’s wife. After her fourth child was born, the mother decided to have her tubes tied. A scar was left on her abdomen after the operation, and within a month, the flesh of the scar began to separate.

She went to the emergency room and was found to have a variety of symptoms, including an abdominal abscess, fever and a high count of white blood cells.

The lawsuit claims the doctor was aware of how bad the infection was but failed to administer a full blood test and do a CT scan of the woman’s abdominal wall. The scan, according to the lawsuit, would have shown how big the abscess was.

The husband claims the doctor merely diagnosed the woman with cellulitis and a staph infection, and then gave her a prescription for Bactrim. She took the medication as directed but had to be admitted to an intensive care unit less than a month later. She was then diagnosed with other infections, pneumonia, kidney failure and other ailments.

Her condition worsened over the course of a month, and she died painfully in surgery.

The lawsuit claims that if the initial doctor had administered a CT scan, the woman’s life could have been saved.

This lawsuit was filed in Texas, but cases of doctor negligence also occur in Mississippi. When this kind of negligence causes a patient’s injuries or death, the injured parties should be aware of their rights under our state’s medical malpractice laws.

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