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Slips and falls become leading cause of spinal cord injuries

When most people here in Mississippi think of a spinal cord injury, they probably think of it having been caused by a serious car accident, or perhaps as a result of sports, or even because of a serious premises liability situation. While there are a number of ways to suffer a spinal cord injury, few think of a slip-and-fall accident as a leading cause. But after looking at research collected by Johns Hopkins, our readers can see that this is exactly what is happening.

Although researchers admit that the increase in spinal cord injuries across the nation, including here in Mississippi, has a lot to do with slips and falls suffered by elderly people, the increased number of injuries should still be considered a frightening thing. That’s because spinal cord injuries in elderly people can often be debilitating if not fatal, and could mean that they require Social Security disability benefits to help pay for medical treatments and to keep them financially stable.

Although the data collected by Johns Hopkins points to slips and falls as a leading cause of traumatic spinal cord injuries, research did indicate that motor vehicle accidents were also incredibly likely to cause such injuries.  And although elderly people age 65 and older were considered more likely to suffer a spinal cord injury, researchers noted that incidences did occur in patients between ages 18 and 64 with just as serious of outcomes.  And as some of our readers may realize, the younger the age of an injured patient means the longer that the person could require disability benefits as well.

Source: Insurance Business America, “Falls overtake auto wrecks as leading cause of spinal cord injuries,” Feb. 5, 2014


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