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March 2014 Archives

Proposal would bring stricter requirements for SSDI applicants

Under a new proposal by the Social Security Administration, applicants for Social Security disability will have not only to provide information that isn’t necessarily favorable to their case, but also expect a little different role from their SSDI advocate. The proposal would specifically require that applicants provide all medically relevant information in their application, rather than only information that supports their case.

Some vets can now have their SSDI application expedited

Certain veterans are now able to take advantage of a new effort by the Social Security Administration that will ultimately reduce wait times for these vets in getting an answer back about their SSDI application. The new process, which has already been implemented, would allow vets who have received a disability rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs of 100 percent Permanent and Total to have their applications expedited.

Social Security expands Compassionate Allowances list

Many of our readers are probably aware of the challenges currently faced by the Social Security Administration with its disability program. These challenges include a significant backlog of disability claims, not to mention major financial challenges in the years to come. Because there is such a large backlog of claims, wait times for most applicants have become drawn out, sometimes taking months or even years.

Story from Denmark highlights cycling dangers for Mississippians

With the approach of spring also comes the promise of warmer weather and more chances to enjoy the great outdoors. For some people here in Mississippi this might mean dusting off the gardening gloves while for others, it might mean dragging your bicycle out of storage. But despite the health benefits of cycling, there are also dangers, mostly perpetuated by negligent or inattentive motorists. While this may be a fact most Mississippians know, a story out of Denmark is highlighting this danger for everyone around the world.

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