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Social Security expands Compassionate Allowances list

Many of our readers are probably aware of the challenges currently faced by the Social Security Administration with its disability program. These challenges include a significant backlog of disability claims, not to mention major financial challenges in the years to come. Because there is such a large backlog of claims, wait times for most applicants have become drawn out, sometimes taking months or even years.

In January, the Social Security Administration expanded a program that expedited claims for those with the most serious disabilities. The program, known as the Compassionate Allowances, which identifies diseases and medical conditions that, one way or another, are going to qualify the applicant for disability under the agency’s Listing of Impairments as long as a minimal amount of objective medical information is provided. 

The goal with the program is to ensure that those with these serious conditions can immediately begin benefitting from Social Security disability income without the wait that most applicants have to endure. Nowadays, when wait times are quite long, the program is a real blessing for those with a qualifying condition.

Many of the conditions on the Compassionate Allowances list are rare forms of cancer or other serious conditions. So far in the history of the expedited claim program, about 200,000 people have received benefits for a condition on the list.

Those who have a serious disability on the Compassionate Allowances list should contact either the Social Security Administration or an experienced Social Security disability attorney to learn about the process for application. 

Source: LifeHealthPro, “SSDI offers rapid decisions for more conditions,” Allison Bell, January 23, 2014. 


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