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Story from Denmark highlights cycling dangers for Mississippians

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2014 | Car Accidents

With the approach of spring also comes the promise of warmer weather and more chances to enjoy the great outdoors. For some people here in Mississippi this might mean dusting off the gardening gloves while for others, it might mean dragging your bicycle out of storage. But despite the health benefits of cycling, there are also dangers, mostly perpetuated by negligent or inattentive motorists. While this may be a fact most Mississippians know, a story out of Denmark is highlighting this danger for everyone around the world.

The day for this particular bicyclist started like any other. But during her morning commute, she was struck by a bus that had failed to stop at a stop light. The collision immediately knocked her off of her bike, causing her to become pinned under the bus. One of the bus’ tires then rolled over her left foot, crushing it beneath the weight of the large vehicle.

Despite the fact that she had obeyed all traffic signals and that she had been wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, this was not enough to protect her from someone else’s negligence. Because of extensive damage to her foot, doctors were forced to remove a crucial stepping point in her foot that now affects her balance. Although rehabilitation helped her learn how to live with her disability, it was not enough to heal the psychological scars. For this she needed cognitive therapy from a psychologist who helped her to get over her fear of riding a bike again.

Although her injuries were suffered in another country, far from the bustling cities of Mississippi, it’s important for our readers to note that this accident could have happened anywhere and that her injuries are not unlike those suffered here in similar bicycle accidents. Unlike the woman in this story though, suffering similar injuries here in the United States might qualify a person for disability benefits, which is good news for those worried about the financial impact an accident like this could have.

Source: CNN, “City cycling: Road to fitness, or accident waiting to happen?” Lesley Evans Ogden, Mar. 4, 2014


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