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May 2014 Archives

What is SSI, and how does it relate to SSDI?

Our Mississippi readers have all heard a bit about Social Security disability and what it offers to those with serious impairments which prevent them from working. Readers may not know very much about Supplemental Security Income, though, which is another Social Security program also for the benefit of those with disabilities.

Comparing SSDI with long-term disability insurance

Disability insurance is an important resource for people of working age, and those who forego such insurance may end up regretting it. As a recent article in the Huffington Post points out, the risk of disability is greater than many working-age Americans might initially believe and failure to adequately insure against this risk is a gamble.

Qualifying for SSDI based on back pain

Back pain is a serious problem for many Americans, to one extent or another. Estimates are that 80 percent of Americans deal with some kind of back pain in their lifetime. The range of conditions includes everything from sciatica to herniated discs, neuropathy, and spinal stenosis. In some cases, the pain can be managed with chiropractic, massage, exercise, stretching and other remedies. In other cases, surgery and pain medication are used to manage the condition.

Qualifying for SSDI for post traumatic stress disorder

As readers know, life isn’t always easy for veterans who return from service. Oftentimes vets come back to civilian life with physical and/or mental wounds which interfere with their ability to lead a productive and fulfilling life. Vets and their advocates expect that the federal government will do its part to provide them with the benefits they need to integrate back into civilian life. Unfortunately, this just doesn’t always happen.

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