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August 2014 Archives

Medicare program experiences slight financial improvement

Dissipating funds are problem for many government programs, even and perhaps especially on those which millions of Americans rely. In addition to the financial difficulties faced by the Social Security disability program, Medicare has faced problems in recent years. That being said, the latest news is that the Medicare program’s financial situation has improved and will apparently not be drained out until 2030, which is four years more than a prediction given last year.

Mental illness can make it harder to find, keep a job

Most of us are aware, either because of our own personal experience or because of the experience of a loved one or friend, that mental illness can be a barrier to finding and keeping work. The challenges lie not only in mental illness itself, but also in the stigma that tends to go with mental illness.

PTSD symptoms can arise from a variety of traumatizing circumstances

Post-traumatic stress disorder is something all of our readers have heard of and which many have experienced, either personally or because of a loved one or friend. Post-traumatic stress is quite common among veterans, of course, and one of the leading bases for VA disability claims.

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