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Wounded warriors may be able to have SSDI application expedited

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2014 | Social Security Disability

Last weekend, President Barack Obama presented a new memorial to honor deceased and wounded soldiers, as well as their families and caretakers. The name of the memorial is The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial, which calls to mind not only the lives lost to military service, but also the physical and psychological wounds soldiers bring back with them.

According to the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial foundation, there are an estimated four million disabled veterans in the United States. Whether one is speaking of physical disability or psychological disability, the costs to these vets can be significant, interfering with their quality of life and ability to work and support their families.Â

One of the benefits for military service members through the Social Security disability program is that they can receive expedited processing of their disability claims. To qualify, vets must have become disabled during active military service on or before October 1, 2001, and the disability rating from the VA must be 100 percent permanent and total.

The important thing for vets to keep in mind about Social Security disability benefits is that the way of evaluating disability is different from the way the Veterans Administration does it. First off, disabilities do not have to be service-related, unless one is hoping to get expedited processing. Secondly, disability is an all-or-nothing determination for Social Security, so there are no partial disability awards.

As for the other requirements, they are quite strict, and it is important for applicants to put together the strongest application possible to ensure a good outcome. Appeals are possible in the Social Security disability program, and it can help greatly to work with an experienced attorney.


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