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Uber ride-sharing controversy comes to Jackson

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2014 | Car Accidents

Technology has changed our world in many ways. One major way is communication. In the past, individuals who needed a taxi used the phone book to locate the nearest company. With the advent of the smart phone and applications like Uber, the idea of ride-sharing has become big business. Growth, however, is sometimes accompanied by bumps in the road. Uber is now facing a firestorm of controversy over its practices.

Starting December 11, 2014, Uber expanded into Jackson, Mississippi. This expansion comes just as Uber’s founder and CEO Travis Kalanick faces the backlash regarding alleged sexist remarks about women. A French office promoted the launch of an app that promised rides from beautiful women. Over the last year, Uber riders from several states have reported sexual assaults and physical attacks at the hands of Uber drivers. A Los Angeles NBC affiliate tested the Uber background check required for every driver. An applicant that was previously convicted of a felony and had both burglary and criminal threatening charges in his record was approved as a driver.

Though these incidents have proved troubling for the company and its potential users, there are additional legal questions that are being posed. Since Uber is not a taxi service, in many cities it is not regulated like a taxi. This lack of registration also means that the company may not liable for injured drivers or passengers when there is a car accident. Jackson officials are being urged to create legislation that will close these legal loopholes.

Whether injured in a ride-sharing vehicle or your own private car, you may have a legal course of action against a negligent driver. An injury attorney may provide a chance to receive compensation after a severe car accident causes injuries.

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