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We can help with the benefit process after an injury

Prior posts on this blog have discussed how people in Mississippi may think they will be able to qualify for social security disability benefits if they are injured. They may be counting on these benefits to help them cover the costs of their rehabilitation. If they are disabled permanently, they may even need these benefits in order to make ends meet long term.

It is true that no one, not even a professional, can guarantee that a person will qualify for benefits, as each individual case turns on its own unique facts. Therefore, it is a prudent idea for a person to invest in private disability insurance.

On the other hand, a person who gets denied benefits for a legitimate injury should not feel resigning to giving up and having to rely either on private savings or, in the worst case, the charity of others. The social security process is complicated, but it thankfully also has a multi-layered appellate process that can work to the benefit of a claimant who has been wrongfully denied benefits.

The law offices of Wood & Carlton, PC has experience with helping people who need assistance navigating through the nuances of the social security system. Oftentimes, these Mississippi residents are in desperate situations and really need the income, even though they would be first to accept a job were they physically and mentally able to do so.

Our legal team takes every social security case seriously and will carefully research the facts of the case, gather evidence and the opinions of independent experts as necessary. Our attorneys will evaluate the case and give honest advice. If necessary, we will also take a case through the many layers of the social security appeal process and, at each layer, try to present our client’s case in the best possible light.


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