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How to apply for Social Security Disability

If you were injured at work, how would you support yourself? How would you pay for medical expenses without a job to provide health insurance? For injured Mississippi residents, the only option is to apply for Social Security Disability to meet their basic needs. This article will explore the application process.

The Social Security Administration has field offices in every state, including Mississippi. Potential claimants can visit their local office to apply for benefits. In the local field office non-medical eligibility is verified. The verification process includes age, employment, marital status or Social Security coverage information. The Disability Determination Service or DDS, then processes the information and makes a determination of whether an applicant is blind or disabled as defined under the law.

The DDS prefers to have primary sources to evaluate the cases. For example, a claimant’s medical record is a preferred source of information. If this source is not available, a consultative examination, or CE, may be utilized to obtain additional information. Using the primary sources of the CE, an initial disability determination is made for the claimant.

The DDS will return this decision to the local state field office. Depending on the decision, certain action is taken. If the claimant was determined to be disabled a calculation of benefits will be made and paid to the claimant. If the individual is not found to be disabled as defined by the law, the application remains in the field office for a period of time. This allows the file to be available in the event of an appeal by the applicant.

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