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Workers’ compensation benefits in Tennessee

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

The state of Tennessee has outlined steps for financial recovery for injured workers. The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development has set up a protocol for workers who are having difficulty receiving workers’ compensation benefits. Individuals who are not having problems receiving benefits should not contact the Department. This article provides an overview of the process.

The first step to receiving workers compensation is to file a claim. The insurance adjuster of your employer has 48 hours to make contact with the injured worker. Once contact has been made, the adjuster has 14 calendar days to either accept or deny the claim. Individuals who have been denied workers compensation and are having issues with their claims, should contact the Division of Workers Compensation by calling 662-841-2003.

Anyone having problems receiving their benefits may participate in mediation. There is a Benefit Review Program that conducts the mediations. The purpose of the mediation is to resolve issues concerning compensation, medical treatment and temporary disability benefits. Any injured worker who may be interested in participating in mediation may send a petition to the Benefits Review Program. Any injuries that occurred after July 1, 2014 should submit a Petition for Benefits Determination. Injuries that occurred before July 1, 2014 should submit a Request for Assistance Form C-40A.

When a claim is denied, it may mean that the insurance company does not believe that the injury is work related. Injured workers have the right to challenge this decision. If an individual did not get relief from mediation, he or she may take legal action to recover workers compensation benefits.

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