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August 2015 Archives

What are the symptoms of Mississippi cerebral palsy?

Babies are very delicate. It is common knowledge in Mississippi that their bodies must be properly supported when they are being held. Caring for a child begins long before birth. Pregnant mothers are encouraged to eat healthy foods, take supplements and visit their physician on a regular basis. The purpose of all of this care is to aid in the delivery of a healthy child. Despite all of this special care, it is not certain that a healthy child will be born.

What is the responsibility of injured Tennessee workers?

A July post covered the responsibilities of Tennessee employers when an employee is injured. This week's post will cover the responsibilities of injured Tennessee employees and the rights that are endowed to them by law. Having a clear understanding of these may help claimants find relief more efficiently.

Fatal car accident statistics in Mississippi | Injury Compensation

Mississippi has some of the most worrisome traffic accident statistics in the nation. Earlier this year, this blog noted a study that found that our state has the highest rate of car accidents per capita. Another study shows that Mississippi has among the nation's highest fatality rates in traffic accidents.

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