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Mississippi workers’ compensation application mistakes

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

Sometimes, Mississippi residence experience a short or long term disability that renders them unable to work. Occasionally, that disability is because the worker was injured on the job. For those facing these work related disabilities, , it may be time to file a workers compensation claim with the state of Mississippi. Before an application is begun, it may be helpful to review some of the most frequent mistakes made by applicants. These mistakes may delay compensation or cause a claim to be denied.

A big cause for workers compensation denials is an incomplete medical record. These records are crucial to the decision to deny or approve a claim because they describe the nature and scope of the disability. Within the medical record, there must be a two-year history of the drug, dosages and frequency of use of these medications. If the full two-year history is not present, this can also be a source of denial of a claim.

Beyond the medical records, there are financial records that must also be presented. The payment history of anything related to the applicant’s treatment must be included. This means all medical, indemnity or expense payments that were rendered with an explanation of the payments. Applicants should also include a total settlement amount that is properly computed.

Once an application is submitted, there may be communications between the state agency and the applicant. A barrier to an approved application is to ignore requests for updates on treatment. A reply to an information request that is not timely received will not be reviewed. Applicants seeking a timely approval to their workers compensation claims should try to avoid these mistakes to ensure a timely response to their application.

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