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Safety technology may reduce Mississippi car accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2015 | Car Accidents

Arriving safely from point A to point B, should be the goal of every Mississippi driver. However, some fall short of this goal due to distracted or impaired driving. Whether it is drugs and alcohol, or texting and driving, all of these distractions can lead to a car accident. The auto industry is working to make driving safer for everyone, and there are several safety technology features that have been developed to decrease the chances of having a car accident.

One such technology is the backup camera. Many minivans and SUV’s are equipped with these rearview video systems. These backup cameras help drivers see obstructions, people or anything in the area behind the vehicle.

Another potential warning technology is the lane departure warning (LDW). This device tracks the vehicle’s position and warns the driver if there is a unilateral lane shift, so the driver can get back into the correct lane. If the driver does not steer back into the correct lane, the lane keeping support can be utilized. This technology will apply brakes to the appropriate wheels.

If an accident does occur, there is the automatic crash notification (ACN). Right after a car crash, the ACN notifies emergency responders that an accident has occurred and provides the exact location of the crash. Moreover, the frontal pedestrian impact mitigation braking will decrease the severity of the impact with a pedestrian.

Though these advances are helpful in preventing accidents or decreasing the severity of an accident, they are not a substitute for safe driving. Even if a vehicle has these devices, a negligent driver may still be held liable for any injuries incurred from a car accident.

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