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Decreasing the occurrence of rear-end accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2015 | Car Accidents

What is the best type of car accident to be involved in? The one that never happens. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is working to make accident avoidance a reality. The current focus of the NHTSA is the prevention of rear-end crashes.

Drivers are often distracted by texting and driving, music playing or just plain lack of attention. To protect drivers and passengers from these bad decisions, the NHTSA is encouraging car manufactures to equip cars with automatic emergency braking (AEB) technology. This crash avoidance mechanism will be added to the 5-Star Rating System in 2018. The goal is to prevent rear-end crashes or at least decrease the negative impact of these car accidents by decreasing the speed of the vehicles involved in the wreck.

The AEB system is a great safety feature because it works with or without the aid of the driver. It uses information from forward-looking radar, camera sensors and driver input to determine when the driver is at risk of a rear-end collision. There are two systems contained in the AEB: crash imminent braking (CIB) and dynamic brake support (DBS). The CIB applies the brakes in cases where a rear end crash is about to happen and the driver is unable to take proper action to avoid the accident. The DBS works to supplement the driver’s braking if the he or she does not apply enough of the brake to avoid a car crash.

This new technology will be a welcomed safety feature because rear end crashes can have serious consequences. Accident victims can have serious injuries and often suffer loss of various functions. Anyone who has been injured in a car accident due another driver may be entitled to financial compensation, recoverable through a negligence lawsuit. This money, if recovered, may help cover a victim’s damages, which may include lost wages and medical expenses

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