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What is the NHTSA?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2015 | Car Accidents

This blog periodically refers to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This administration is charged with keeping the highways of our country, including those in Mississippi and Tennessee, safe for everyone. But what is the NHTSA?

The NHTSA falls under the United States Department of Transportation. The Highway Safety Act of 1970 replaced the National Highway Safety Bureau with the NHTSA. The main purpose of the agency is to carry out safety programs. Its main goal is to reduce all deaths, injuries and financial losses that occur due to car accidents. How is this accomplished? The NHSA has the authority to enforce safety performance standards for vehicles and the equipment associated with their operation. State and local grants provide funding for highway safety programs in an effort to curb car collisions.

The NHTSA continues to investigate reports of safety defects in vehicles sold within the United States. Fuel economy standards advertised by car makers are also monitored by the NHTSA. Throughout the year, the agency even spearheads initiatives to decrease the threat posed by drunk drivers.

In addition to these larger tasks, the NHTSA is also responsible for maintaining the safety of the following items: seat belts, child safety seats, and air bags. The NHTSA maintains a digital library of information concerning all of these topics and can be accessed by the public at any time on the Internet. Finally, studies are conducted through this agency to ensure the most efficient delivery of safety plans to the public. Any consumer that needs information concerning vehicle safety can access their website to learn more about their programs.

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