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Is your injury severe enough to qualify for SSD benefits?

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2016 | Social Security Disability

When workers in Mississippi are injured on the job and unable to earn an income, many different questions may cross their minds. How did the workplace accident happen? Who was responsible? Will I qualify for workers’ compensation benefits? Is my injury severe enough to qualify for Social Security disability benefits?

Indeed, the inability to work can be extremely troubling. Fortunately, if the injury is serious enough to be considered a “disability,” successfully applying for Social Security disability benefits can provide a crucial financial lifeline. However, the question then is: what qualifies as a “disability” in the view of the Social Security Administration?

As a recent article explained, there are, in short, two basic categories to look at when determining disability: work history and meeting the medical requirements. First, federal regulations require that a person who seeks to receive SSD benefits must have earned the requisite amount of “work credits.” This basically means that the person has worked long enough and recently enough to qualify. The second step is to provide the Social Security Administration enough evidence of the medical condition in question to show that the disability leads to a complete inability to work, and that the disability will last for longer than 12 months.

Many of our readers may not realize that almost six out of 10 applications for SSD benefits are denied. But, if any of our readers are unable to work and find that figure daunting, there is hope. Getting the right information about the process in order to submit the strongest initial application possible may be the best approach to getting approved to receive SSD benefits after a work accident. Yet, even those whose initial claim is denied can have a second chance by preparing an aggressive appeal.


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