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Supplemental Security Income differs from SSD benefits

When some people in Mississippi think of Social Security, they think of the retirement funds that are taken out of every paycheck. But, when people become disabled, either through injury or illness, and aren’t able to work anymore, there is another Social Security program the may apply for altogether — Social Security Disability. These funds are there for those who qualify and who are short of their retirement age. However, our readers may not know that there is yet another program that is administered by the Social Security Administration — Supplemental Security Income.

For those who don’t know, Supplemental Security Income, or “SSI” for short, is a needs-based financial program. Qualifying for SSI benefits isn’t dependent on a person’s work history — it is based on a person’s lack of financial resources, as well as his or her disability.

For instance, even if a person has no work history, or has a work history that is not significant enough to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, that person may be able to apply for SSI benefits if they have limited financial resources. The applicant must provide documentation of the disability as well as an overview of his or her finances. There is a particular niche carved out for those who are suffering from some form of blindness.

Applying for SSI benefits can be just as complicated as applying for SSD benefits. At our law firm, we attempt to make sure that our clients who are applying for SSI benefits have the resources they need to make the right decision and submit a strong and complete application. For more information, please visit the Social Security benefits overview section of our law firm’s website.


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