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Who or what is actually at fault for your car accident?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2017 | Blog

If you are suffering from injuries from a recent car accident in Mississippi, you know how quickly your life can change in that one moment of impact. From physical damage to emotional trauma, the impact of a collision can be deep and painful for a long time. It can be especially difficult to know that your accident was not your fault, but rather was the result of the actions of another person.

You should not have to suffer because another person was negligent or reckless. However, you may be unsure of who is actually to blame and how you should move forward with the appropriate legal action. Discovering who is liable and what is to blame for your suffering could be a positive first step in your potential personal injury claim.

Understanding the concept of fault

In order to find out who should pay for the damages you suffered in a car accident, it can be useful to understand the legal concept of fault. In common law, there are four basic levels of fault, as listed:

  • Recklessness or blatantly dangerous behavior
  • Negligence
  • Intentionally harmful actions
  • Strict liability

Essentially, the person or party responsible for the hazards, behaviors or issues that caused your accident is likely at fault. In certain cases, such as those involving a drunk driver who caused a fatal accident, there is likely no question regarding who is at fault for the accident. However, in addition to the driver, there could be other parties who share liability, including the establishment that sold the alcohol, as well as others.

While some cases are very clear, others may be more complex. There could be questions regarding fault and potentially liable parties may work to place the blame somewhere else. In these situations, guidance and experience in the complexities of personal injury claims could benefit you and your case.

Fighting for your recovery and restitution

A car accident can change your life in a moment. The medical bills and other expenses can quickly overwhelm your life, but you do not have to deal with the aftermath on your own. If you believe that you could have grounds for a civil claim, you have no time to lose in protecting your interests.

You have the right to know who or what is to blame for your accident, as well as to hold the liable parties accountable for their actions. You may also have a rightful claim to restitution for your financial losses and pain and suffering.


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