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The role of your employer after a work-related accident

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2017 | Blog

If you suffered an accident at work, you know the extent to which it can affect multiple areas of your life. From your physical abilities to your financial stability, getting hurt at work is a serious threat to your well-being. Regardless of job title, it is prudent for every Mississippi worker to know his or her rights in case of a work accident. 

It may be useful for you to understand the role of your employer after a work-related accident. When you know your rights and what to expect, you may find it easier to obtain the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

What should my employer do?

Most employers have the requirement of carrying workers’ compensation insurance. This provides financial support in the event that a worker suffers an injury on the job. However, not every worker benefits from this coverage, and you would be wise to find out if you qualify. It is also useful to know your employer’s policies and procedures. 

The injuries covered by workers’ compensation benefits

If your employer has workers’ compensation insurance and you believe you meet the eligibility requirements, it’s important to investigate if your injuries will be covered. There are exemptions to workers’ compensation benefits, and you may not qualify if your injury is not truly work related. It can be useful to understand the following about a workers’ compensation benefits claim:

  • If your injury somehow relates to alcohol consumption, you may still be able to claim workers’ compensation benefits if you were at a work-related event at the time.
  • Your injury may not be compensable if it took place during your lunch break, unless it happened while in a company lunchroom or relates to the actions of your employer in some way.
  • You may be able to get benefits if you suffered a mental trauma as the result of your job or a job-related accident.
  • You could have a valid claim to workers’ compensation benefits if your job caused the exacerbation of a pre-existing condition.

You may have to act as your own advocate after suffering from a work injury, but you do not have to do so alone. Your employer cannot prevent you from reporting an injury or filing a claim, and the claims process itself can be complex. It could be in your best interests to seek guidance from the very beginning, increasing your chance of a successful workers’ compensation claim from the very beginning.


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