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Your job may be the cause of your carpal tunnel discomfort

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2017 | Blog

You may know that Mississippi workers have the right to certain financial benefits when they suffer injuries from a work-related accident. However, you may not know that these benefits also extend to individuals who suffer work-related injuries or medical conditions that develop over time. You may be suffering from a condition that is the result of your job duties, and you could have a valid reason to seek workers’ compensation benefits.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an example of how your job can cause a painful and debilitating injury over time. A type of repetitive stress injury, this medical condition is the result of doing the same motions over and over again. Injured employees always have the right to know how to seek the compensation they need and deserve.

Who is vulnerable to carpal tunnel syndrome?

People who develop this type of injury are often people with jobs that require them to perform the same task repetitively or do the same tasks on a daily basis. Some of the workers who may be more prone to this include the following:

  • People who type or work extensively on computers
  • Seamstresses
  • Cleaners
  • Meat packers
  • People who work in manufacturing or assembling

No matter the nature of your job, repetitive action can place you at risk of this type of injury. Carpal tunnel syndrome may seem like a relatively minor injury, but it can actually be quite painful. For some, it can eventually begin to impact a person’s ability to do his or her job.

Carpal tunnel is not something that a person can see, and you may find that you or your employer underestimates the serious nature of this type of injury. If you have a diagnosis of this type of medical condition, you need medical care, rehabilitation, and in some serious cases, surgery or other extensive means of intervention may be necessary.

The compensation you deserve

As a person who is currently unable to work due to an injury or condition that is the result of your job, you have rights. You are entitled to certain benefits through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, including medical care, recovery of lost wages and possibly more depending on the circumstances.

When your job is the cause of your pain and suffering, you do not have to deal with it on your own. You would be wise to first seek an evaluation of your case in order to understand your options and the most appropriate course of action for your individual situation.


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