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Job-related fatigue and auto crashes

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2018 | Car Accidents

We have written about some of the different reasons car crashes continue to occur, such as texting behind the wheel and driving around on old tires. There are many other risk factors associated with motor vehicle collisions to keep in mind, such as working excessive hours, driving to work early in the morning or working a graveyard shift for the first time. Moreover, this fatigue can be incredibly dangerous when someone gets behind the wheel and drowsy driving has resulted in many lost lives and devastating injuries.

After a long day of hard work or a new shift that someone is not used to, a worker may become very tired. This fatigue can prevent them from driving safely and may lead to mistakes behind the wheel or a slow reaction time. In some cases, a driver may be unable to keep their eyes open and doze off, which is extremely dangerous. People may suffer from fatigue due to their job for other reasons also. For example, someone may be very stressed out about a presentation they have to give or a certain project, causing them to lose sleep.

Work is certainly not the only reason why some drivers are fatigued. Other areas of concern include those with sleep disorders and people who take certain kinds of medication. If you were hit by someone who was drowsy, it may be difficult to pinpoint the cause of the accident at first. However, our law office believes victims of drowsy driving crashes deserve to have a voice.


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