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Mississippi: The most dangerous state?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Car Accidents

People in Mississippi may face a particularly high number of safety dangers. That is what a recent report suggests.

This WalletHub report compared the 50 states on safety. In this analysis, 48 different safety factors were reviewed. Unfortunately, Mississippi ended up being ranked dead last for overall safety in the report.

Many factors played a role in Mississippi’s ranking as the least safe state. There were multiple safety categories in which the state landed in the bottom five.

One of these is road safety. Mississippi was ranked 46th in this safety category. So, it appears that Mississippi’s roads may be far less safe of a place than one would hope.

Do you agree with what the report says about how dangerous of a place Mississippi is? What do you think are the biggest safety risks out on the state’s roads? What do you think should be done to make the state safer for its residents?

Dangers out on the roads can have major impacts on people’s lives. Exposure to such dangers, such as careless driving by others, could land a person in a serious auto accident. Following such a crash, a person may be very worried about whether they will be able to recover, financially and otherwise, from this life-changing event.

When it comes to recovering financially, one thing that could play a big role are personal injury claims. Pursuing such claims can have many complex aspects, so it can be worthwhile for crash victims have skilled legal help when doing so.


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