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Establishing a child’s disability status

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | Social Security Disability

Some Mississippi disability cases are relatively straightforward, but even these often require a substantial amount of paperwork. Individuals who pursue benefits on behalf of a disabled child tend to face a higher amount of complexity. However, it is often possible for one to complete these applications relatively efficiently when armed with adequate knowledge of the SSDI system.

The first step is often determining whether a case falls within the normal scope of social security benefits applicants. If it does not, then that does not necessarily mean the child in question would be ineligible to receive government assistance. 

According to the Social Security Administration, applicants for child benefits should prepare two documents: an application for supplemented income and a report on the disabilities of the child. Additionally, the SSA provides several resources online that could serve as background information to the application process. 

Before spending the time preparing an application, which the state would review, caretakers should consider determining whether their child would be considered under federal guidelines. Building a case for this might be simple, or the process could require caretakers to amass significant medical evidence. That said, the SSA online portal for child disability states two criteria for benefits eligibility:

  • The child must have a significant disability
  • The disability must be long-term

The SSA also might accept short-term disabling conditions if doctors expect the conditions to end in death. While disability benefits might be little solace in this situation, it could prevent the addition of financial stress to an already tense emotional situation. 


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