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What should I do if involved in a hit and run?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2019 | Car Accidents

If you’re the victim of a hit and run in Mississippi, the steps you take following the accident are crucial. Your actions may increase the chance that the driver is apprehended, while also ensuring that any damage to your vehicle or bodily injury is properly compensated. To help drivers make the right decision, State Farm offers the following advice.

While you may be tempted to go after the fleeing driver, this is not recommended. You could put yourself or others in danger by driving at a high rate of speed. You could also get in trouble with the law for leaving the scene of an accident. Unless you’re getting emergency medical help, it’s illegal to leave the scene of an accident before law enforcement arrives.

While waiting, try to make note of what occurred. Pertinent information includes make, model, and color of the vehicle, plate number, time of the accident, and a description of how the crash happened. You can also take pictures of your vehicle, as well as the scene. This will highlight which factors may have led to the incident. You should also call your insurance company to initiate a claim as soon as possible.

If there are witnesses on the scene, be sure to take down their information. If your case does end up in court, witness testimony can be highly compelling. This is because it’s considered objective, which can shed light on what exactly occurred. You can also request a copy of the police report for the same purpose. When talking to witnesses, be sure to take down their name and contact info for future reference.


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