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Advocating for your child after he or she suffers a birth injury

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When a baby is born to a Mississippi family, it is a joyous time of celebration. However, bad news about the health of your child can quickly overshadow the excitement you have about your newest family member. Learning about your child suffering from a birth injury can be devastating and overwhelming for a family.

In many situations, birth injuries are the result of the negligence or reckless behaviors of a doctor, nurse or other health care professional. If you believe your child is the victim of a preventable birth injury, you could have grounds to take legal action. This is unfortunate news, but you may be able to fight for financial compensation that can help you address your child’s medical needs.

Types of birth injuries

There are different types of birth injuries, and they can all have a different effect on your child. Some are minor, and they will only impact your child for a short period of time, while others can affect your child for years to come. Some of the most common types include:

  • Brachial palsy – This happens when specific nerves that affect the arms and hands experience damage during the birth process. This often happens when there is difficulty getting the shoulder out. It can cause long-term or permanent damage to the child, affecting how he or she can use the arm.
  • Fractures – A fracture can happen during a rough delivery, particularly to the clavicle bone. Most babies can recover from a fracture quickly, but it can be painful and sometimes lead to other complications.
  • Facial paralysis – When a doctor uses forceps or there is significant pressure on a baby’s face during delivery, it can lead to facial paralysis. Depending on the severity of the nerve damage, it is possible the baby could require surgery.

Other injuries include bruising, bleeding under the skin and more. Birth injuries are often preventable, the result of the reckless actions of a doctor or the lack of necessary interventions when there are signs of distress.

Options for your family

Your family will find it beneficial to seek experienced legal guidance regarding your legal options after your child suffers a birth injury. If you have grounds for a claim, you will find great benefit in acting quickly. These claims are time sensitive, and you want to get the support you need to properly take care of your child.

Birth injuries are serious, but you do not have to walk through the confusing and emotionally distressing aftermath on your own.


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