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How can I be a safer driver this summer?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2019 | Car Accidents

If you’re like most other motorists in Mississippi, you’re probably thinking about taking a road trip this summer. If so, you want to ensure that you’re responsible when on the road, which preserves the safety of yourself and others. Nationwide explains what you can do to be a safer driver.

Plan ahead

Give some thought to route you plan to take during your trip. If you’re traveling far, make sure you schedule enough time for rest stops and breaks. Driving straight through leads to fatigue, which can impact your ability to respond to road hazards. Also, never eat while driving, as this is considered a driving distraction.

Make sure items are secured

If you’re traveling with luggage, make sure items are secured inside and outside the vehicle. This is especially important when carrying cargo on the roof, which can cause an accident should it break loose. Also, make sure your children are strapped in during the trip. Kids can be distracting while the vehicle is in motion, which is hazardous to them as well as you. Small children should be strapped into a car seat, while older kids should wear their seatbelts at all times.

Drive defensively

Always remain alert to the actions of other drivers. That way you can respond accordingly if a driver makes a sudden or unexpected maneuver. You should also allow enough room between you and other vehicles in the event that one stops short. In ideal weather, keep at least a two-second window at all times. When weather is bad, increase the space to at least a four-second window. This will account for things like slick roads, which can make stopping more difficult. 


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