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The many risks of working road construction

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Your work experience is very different from the jobs of other people you know. You may have friends who can sit in their offices and watch the traffic go zipping by from the comfort of their desk chairs. Perhaps you know someone whose job requires him or her to be out in the traffic each day, driving a route or traveling between worksites.

You are not so fortunate. Doing your job means standing for hours in the middle of the rush, sometimes at night, sometimes in the pouring rain, but always in harm’s way. If you work road construction in Mississippi, you have likely had your share of near misses and even injuries. In fact, those in your profession suffer twice as many injuries as those in every other industry.

Negligent drivers

Perhaps no one is more concerned about the rate of distracted driving than you and your co-workers. When drivers do not pay attention to the road, they run the risk of missing important warnings that construction workers are ahead. A glance at their cell phones or entertainment screens can take their attention from sudden changes in road patterns, lane closures or even you when you step into the road to stop traffic.

You may have sat through many hours of training to ensure you know the appropriate safety protocol to follow. Nevertheless, the unpredictable nature of other drivers is something for which your training may never prepare you.

Other causes of injuries

While your risk of another vehicle striking you is high, you are also vulnerable to workplace injuries from other sources including:

  • Debris flying off vehicles
  • The danger of working with heavy machinery
  • Moving equipment in noisy traffic when it may be difficult to hear warning signals
  • Exposure to extreme weather conditions
  • Exposure to toxic fumes from vehicles and other hazards

If you suffer injuries on the job, you have many details to consider. Seeking compensation for lost wages, medical bills and other related expenses can be complex because of the many sources from which your injury may originate. While your injuries may qualify you for workers’ compensation, your situation may also qualify for a third-party claim, especially if you were hurt because of a negligent driver.

Handling your claim on your own may be overwhelming. You may have less frustration and a more positive outcome if you seek the guidance of an attorney who understands the complexities of your situation.


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