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Common ER mistakes could come at the expense of your health

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When you go to a Mississippi emergency room, it is with the expectation that you will receive prompt care and an accurate diagnosis of your problem. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Emergency room errors are unfortunately common, and they often come at the expense of the patient’s health. When a health care professional makes a mistake, the patient may suffer additional problems and complications. 

If your health suffered as a result of a mistake made by a doctor, nurse or another type of medical professional when you visited the ER, you are not alone. You had the right to expect a certain standard of care, and if you did not receive it, you have options. You may be the victim of medical malpractice, and you have the right to seek appropriate compensation.

Commonly misdiagnosed conditions

Emergency rooms are fast-paced environments, and the people who work in these places often have to treat many people in a short amount of time. This can be stressful, and doctors may not have enough time to adequately diagnose each person who comes into their emergency room. Because of this reason, people who come to an ER may not receive an accurate diagnosis. Commonly misdiagnosed symptoms and conditions include:

  • Chest pain – Chest pain is often a symptom of a heart issue, but it could be other things as well. Patients complaining about this type of pain should receive adequate testing to determine the problem.
  • Heart attacks in women – When women have heart attacks, they often display different symptoms than men. Women are more likely to experience pain in other areas, indigestion, fatigue and more.
  • Rectal bleeding – Many times, this type of issue is assumed to be associated with hemorrhoids, but that is not always the case. Patients with these symptoms should receive adequate testing. 

In emergency rooms, a misdiagnosis can happen in many ways. From misreading x-ray results to failing to order proper tests, an incorrect or missed diagnosis can lead to serious health complications for the patient or even death.

Are you a victim? 

If you are a victim of a misdiagnosis that happened when you went to an emergency room, you do not have to suffer alone. A complete evaluation of your case can help you understand what options may be available to you, which could include a civil claim. Personal injury law allows victims of medical malpractice to pursue appropriate compensation from liable parties, which may include the hospital, the individual practitioner and more.


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