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Workers’ compensation deadlines

On Behalf of | May 16, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

When workers in Mississippi become injured on the job or develop illnesses that are traced back to their workplace, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation helps to provide a steady income for workers as they recover from their injuries or illness. However, while filing a claim, securing the necessary benefits may depend on meeting important deadlines.

According to FindLaw, the employee has 30 days to notify their employer of a work-related injury. The employee also has two years to file a claim. This is useful in instances where an employee did not initially realize the seriousness of an injury at the time it occurred, or even the hazards of a particular chemical when they at first came in contact with it. Additionally, once an employee has missed five days of work as a result of the injury or illness, an employer has just 10 days to file a report with the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission.

It is important to note, however, that different organizations may have workplace policies that require tighter deadlines. For example, according to Mississippi State University, employees should report their injury within 24 hours of the event occurring. Exceptions may be made for injuries that occur on the weekend. If necessary, the employee should also ensure they receive medical treatment. Naturally, 24 hours is a much shorter timespan than state requirements and is perhaps in place to allow the employer to better investigate what took place and when.

If an employer recommends much shorter deadlines than the law allows, the law may still carry precedence. This means that if an employer requires all accidents to be reported in 24 to 48 hours and an employee delays reporting the incident until the following week, while it may be against company policy, the law may still work in that person’s favor to ensure they receive workers’ compensation benefits.


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