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Understanding why the SSA may deny your disability claim

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2019 | Uncategorized

If you are suffering from a medical condition or injury that is keeping you from working, you are likely worried about the future. Losing the income you need to support yourself and your family can be extremely difficult, especially when you have medical bills, prescriptions and other expenses related to your health condition.

Social Security Disability offers monthly benefits to assist those who are eligible. Typically, this means you are unable to work for at least a year at any gainful employment, not only the job you previously held. You must also have a medical condition or symptoms the SSA approves as a disability. However, even if you think you meet these qualifications, it does not guarantee acceptance.

Common reasons for rejection

Considerably more than half of first-time claimants receive a rejection from the SSA. This can be extremely discouraging. While it is possible that you can appeal the SSA’s decision, there are some factors that commonly result in a denial of disability benefits, including:

  • Your income is higher than the SSA’s limit.
  • Your disability will not last longer than a year.
  • Your application has gaps or missing information you have not supplied.
  • The SSA is unable to reach you at the address or phone number you provided.
  • Your medical condition is the result of the abuse of alcohol or drugs.
  • Your medical condition resulted from injuries you suffered during your involvement in a felony or during your incarceration for a criminal conviction.
  • The SSA has concluded you are not following the medical advice your doctor prescribed.

There are some valid reasons why you may not be following your doctor’s orders. For example, perhaps you cannot afford the medication or therapy your doctor prescribed, or you do not have anyone to help you get to your appointments. These factors may play an important part in your appeal of the SSA’s denial for benefits.

In many cases, the SSA will deny a claim simply because the applicant has not included enough evidence to support the request for benefits. This may be the case if you suffer from a mental illness or condition that is not easily diagnosable, such as fibromyalgia or depression. Having a skilled Mississippi attorney on your side may be of great benefit to you. Your attorney will have the experience to know what information to include with your application and how to gather the documentation that will support your claim.


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