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The most common ways people can be injured in a car accident

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2019 | Car Accidents

One thing all vehicle crashes have in common is that they are unpredictable. No two are the same, so how can Mississippi residents predict who will be injured and how severely? It is not easy, but there are some common ways people can be injured in a car accident.

The human body is made to take a certain amount of abuse, but when stretched to its limit, it will suffer injuries that could take quite some time to heal. Even the most common injuries can vary in severity and, thus, in recovery time. For instance, a person could fracture a bone, which could take weeks to months to heal. A car accident victim could suffer damage to nerves, tendons, muscles and/or ligaments. Some of these injuries could take months to heal during which time it could be difficult to move, let alone work or enjoy life.

Concussions and more severe traumatic brain injuries are fairly common as well. Depending on the severity, a person’s life may never be the same. Some people make fun of whiplash, but it is actually a serious injury. That pain in a person’s neck could indicate a mild case of whiplash or a serious spinal cord injury. People with whiplash also need an examination to determine whether a brain injury occurred since the same violent movement of the neck could jostle a person’s brain around the skull, causing damage.

No one should take being injured in a car accident lightly. Some of the most common injuries such as those mentioned above will not rear their ugly heads until hours to days after the crash. During that time, if a victim is not careful, he or she could make the situation worse. In addition, seeking medical attention right away helps begin the paper trail necessary when pursuing restitution through a personal injury claim in a Mississippi civil court.


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