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Did the condition of the road factor into your accident?

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2020 | Uncategorized

When it comes to car accidents, a majority of the focus during an investigation is on the behaviors and actions of the drivers involved. Even though this makes sense, other factors out of the drivers’ control could also contribute to an accident.

For instance, the condition of the road could easily play a role in a crash. How many times have you driven down a road and wondered why the city, county or state doesn’t keep up with the maintenance?

Dangerous road conditions

The following road conditions could present hazards to you as you drive Mississippi’s roadways:

  • Changing road surfaces may require a change in your driving. For instance, going from a surface road to a bridge may require slowing down, especially in winter if there is a potential for ice on the bridge.
  • Who doesn’t hate potholes? These holes can come up on you suddenly, and if you aren’t prepared to react, you could end up in trouble.
  • A missing road sign could fail to alert you to danger. For example, if a stop sign has fallen over and you don’t see it, you could end up going through an intersection against cross traffic and end up in an accident.
  • Confusing road signs could leave you wondering what you are actually supposed to do. If you make the wrong choice based on the signs, you could end up in an accident.
  • If you can’t see the lines in the road, you could begin to pass over a double yellow line without realizing it. Under these circumstances, oncoming traffic could take you by surprise.
  • If the roads are not clear of snow and ice in a timely manner, it could cause treacherous driving conditions.
  • Heavily traveled roads could develop ruts that make the road surface uneven. If the conditions are right, or wrong based on your perspective, you could lose control of your vehicle.
  • If the shoulder of the road is not even with the road surface, you could lose control of your vehicle if your tires drop off the road.

Any of these hazards could lead to an accident. Even if you pay attention and make the necessary adjustments to your driving, another motorist may not. You may not have time to avoid a crash with an out-of-control vehicle and end up suffering serious injuries.

While you may know that you can pursue compensation from the other driver, you may have other sources of potential compensation you did not know about. For this and other reasons, you would probably be better off discussing your situation with an experienced attorney before moving forward with any legal claims.


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