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How to document a car accident with photos

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2020 | Car Accidents

Taking photographs of your surroundings after the car accident helps preserve any evidence. After a crash, the scene quickly becomes flooded with emergency personnel, tow trucks and cleaning crews to clear the roadways.

As long as it is safe to do so, capture different types of images of the accident scene so you can use the images as proof in future insurance or personal injury claims.

1. Accident scene

To help give you a more complete story to support your case, take photos and videos of the entire accident scene. Images of surrounding businesses, traffic signs, skid marks, debris, weather and road conditions and traffic patterns and help support the information from police reports, your official statement and witness accounts.

2. Vehicle damage

Taking plenty of pictures of all cars involved helps show how the accident happened and the extent of damage. Snap close-up, detailed pictures of your own vehicle’s damage from the accident as well as any damage on the other vehicles in the accident. Also, take photos of your vehicle’s deployed airbags and any other internal damage.

3. Injury progression

If you suffer any injuries from the accident, remember to document details about the affected parts of your body, as soon as you can. Take pictures of the progression of your injuries from a variety of distances and angles. Make note of any bruising, stitches, casts, scars or any permanently crippled body part.

You will gather more evidence to help build a better case by taking more pictures than you think you need.


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