How do brain injuries affect memory?

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2020 | Car Accidents

Mississippi residents like you may suffer from extensive injuries after a crash. Some of the effects of these injuries could last weeks, months or even years. This is particularly true for head injuries, which often have far-reaching, extensive effects. 

For example, memory is just one thing that a head injury can impact. Unfortunately, this single issue could create turbulence throughout your entire life. 

Short term memory loss or damage 

The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center discusses how brain injuries impact memory. In specific, they look at traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), which are a more severe classification of these common injuries. TBIs have longer lasting impacts and more severe repercussions, including damage to memory. 

Short term memory suffers worse than long term memory in these situations. While long term memory loss or damage is possible, it is not common. Instead, you will likely deal with short term memory loss or damage. 

How memory loss can change your life 

What does this look like in your daily life? It can result in missed appointments or lost items of importance. You could easily misplace your keys or wallet. You may not remember things that someone told you mere minutes ago. This is a source of frustration for yourself and others. 

Your work could suffer a heavy impact, too. Short term memory factors into many aspects of different jobs. If you cannot recall meeting times or new work policies, you may end up putting yourself or your coworkers in a sticky situation. 

Recovery from memory loss and damage takes months or years. In some cases, you never recover your full capabilities. Due to these hurdles, many people in your position choose to seek compensation. This way, you can eliminate financial stresses from your list of concerns. 


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