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What are the most common kitchen injuries?

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2020 | Injuries

Working as a chef or cook in Mississippi can be very demanding for both the mind and body. You often work long shifts where you are on your feet and using your hands the whole time.

Due to the intense nature of this profession, workplace injuries can be a problem as they can prevent you from going back to work. Knowing some of the more common kitchen injuries can help you take the steps to avoid them.

Chronic pain

Some of the more common health issues that cooks face include chronic pains and inflammation developed from repeated strains. One of these, as pointed out by Restaurant Programs of America, is tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is a form of tendonitis, and in chefs, it typically occurs due to constant chopping.

Chef’s foot, a name for arthritis in the big toe, is another common ailment chefs face. You should also look out for back and foot pain that can result from standing in one place for long periods.

You can mitigate the intensity of these conditions by taking breaks and getting off your feet for a while. Wearing comfortable shoes with enough space for your toes can reduce the chances of developing chef’s foot.

Acute injuries

Beyond the more chronic conditions, cooks also face the risk of getting cut or even losing a finger from sharp blades and knives that are commonly used in kitchens. Proper storage of knives and other sharp instruments can prevent an accidental cut, while proper knife training helps to avoid injuries while chopping.

Burns are the other common kitchen injury, but they usually happen when a cook is in a hurry. Even in the middle of a rush, it is important not to take shortcuts around safety measures. Being careful and deliberate in your actions can prevent you from getting burned or scalded.


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