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What happens to your children after trauma?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Car Accidents

Trauma creates significant challenges for even the most resilient people and children are no exception. If your family suffered a traumatic car accident in Mississippi, you may feel concerned about the mental health of your children.

If you can assess your situation, determine each child’s needs and establish a plan to facilitate recovery, you may effectively provide support and reassurance.

Respect space and boundaries

How soon is too soon to talk about your accident? Each of your children depending on age, maturity and personality will process the events differently. While some of your children may feel comfortable talking about what happened right away, others may wish to wait or have no apparent desire to discuss anything. Psych Central recommends that you refrain from pressuring your children into talking about trauma.

Even when your children show eagerness to have a discussion, practice care in how you answer questions or discuss events. If it appears that they feel overwhelmed, you may need to suspend the discussion to a later time. When your children open up to you, make listening to them your number one priority.

Encourage emotional processing

If you are also struggling with the aftermath of trauma, you may feel unfit to help your children cope. However, encouraging them to process their emotions and feel things without disregarding their validity is a huge part of recovery and healing. You may consider a therapist to assist in this process. Resources like therapy may give children a safe place to talk about their experiences and concerns, as well as increase their awareness of coping mechanisms.


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